Striving to be a Great Educator

We are educators, just like you. We have that drive to be our very best each day and to make the next day even better. This continuous improvement is what ExploreLearning professional development is all about.

Steps for Long-Term Success

1Getting Started

Introductory workshops give teachers the time and confidence they need to integrate new technology into instruction.

Learn the basics of how to use Gizmos and what they can help you accomplish in the classroom.

Steps for Long-Term Success

2Strengthening Pedagogy

Higher-level workshops instruct teachers in using proven teaching strategies and help drive instructional change.

Interested in inquiry, the 5E model, or meeting new practice standards? We've got you covered!

Steps for Long-Term Success

3Building Systemic Support

Support services and project management programs help develop successful ongoing implementations over time.

Build a strong implementation with planning support, pacing guide alignments, classroom lesson modeling, coaches' workshops, and more.

About Project Management

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